What we've accomplished

The Food Fix Campaign is working to raise Administration and Congressional awareness about the critical need to fix America’s broken food system and improve our nation’s health, environment, and economy

ROA funding initiated

The Campaign is pursuing Regenerative and Organic Agriculture (ROA) funding, improved coordination of America’s food policy, and new crop insurance plans that will expand ROA among America’s farmers.


Food Fix established as leader

Our experienced team is meeting with officials, lawmakers and staff, disseminating informational materials, and serving as a go-to resource on these highly time-sensitive issues.


The conversation is starting

Decision-makers are now speaking of the imperative to fix our broken food system to address America’s chronic disease crisis and its impact on children, the poor, spending, security, and pandemics.


Government action is being taken

  • Legislation is also pending to invest in cover crops
  • USDA is directing more than $3 Billion to climate-smart agriculture and food action
  • The Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Partnership Initiative is underway

Pathbreaking partnerships

Food Fix has established an alliance with the Rodale Institute, one of the pioneers in regenerative organic agriculture, to advance research-driven best practices.


Driving the conversation

The Food Fix campaign has met with Congressional staff and stakeholders from across the aisle, driving attention to the power of healthier food to treat chronic disease in advance of the 2022 reauthorization of the farm bill.


Generating momentum

In Summer 2021, Food Fix hosted a gathering of thought leaders, farmers, medical professionals, philanthropists, and policy researchers to discuss ways of increasing access to healthy, organic food for all Americans.


Building awareness among key decision makers

The Food Fix Campaign has produced policy materials for, and met with, more than 75 leaders in Congress and the Biden Administration to build awareness and educate them, and their staffs on the importance of treating Food as Medicine and the benefits of regenerative organic agriculture.


Advocating and educating for change

The Food Fix Campaign has been a leading voice in Congress and with the Biden Administration on the benefits of new initiatives for climate-smart agriculture, crop insurance reform, and a unified national nutrition strategy.


Informing the White House

Dr. Hyman participated in a Roundtable with Susan Rice, Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and convened a Conversation with the Medical Community as part of the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. Calling into action his extensive network, Dr. Hyman’s leading of a National Listening Session was informed by 3,100 survey responses in public feedback. 


Participating in a landmark conference

Dr. Hyman was invited by the White House to participate in its landmark Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in September 2022, the first such gathering in half a century.


Leading voice of regulatory impacts

The Food Fix Campaign is providing its perspectives, policy materials and knowledge on key regulatory issues that influence the direction of the nation’s food delivery and health systems. It has already submitted formal comments to decision makers and met with their staffs to discuss how farm and nutrition policy changes would affect food production and nutritional quality.

More coming soon