Become a Food Fix Expert

This ten minute lesson provides key information policymakers need to know about the challenges we face today in America's food system.

Food Fix Learning Syllabus

Time to complete: 10 minutes

1. Welcome to the Food Fix Video Initiative! (1:05)
2. How Does Our Food System Cause Chronic Disease? (0:57)
3. We Can Rebuild Our Food System (0:44)
4. What is “Food As Medicine”? (1:07)
5. Healthy Food = Healthy People! (0:58)
6. What Is the Solution? We’re Standing on It! (1:03)
7. What Are Cover Crops? (0:49)
8. How Does Regenerative Agriculture Help Farmers? (0:36)
9. The Economic Argument for Regenerative Agriculture (0:50)
10. Debunking the Scalability Myth (1:22)